Sunday February 25th 2018


Brand New system for starting your own photography business.

Let me tell you my story……..I was once faced with a dilemma, having great photographic skills, and wanting to start making money from my photographs – but I did not know how to “break into the industry”.

I had spent all this money on cameras and other equipment (there is always one more piece of equipment that is a must have), but how do I start getting my money back? It seemed like a one way spiral.

  • How do all those photographers make money?
  • How do they get customers?
  • What types of photography are the most profitable?

As I pondered these questions, I started to think about my years of experience in the corporate world, and then it came to me – I need to start my own photographic business!

So I devised and created my system and my plan to make it work, and suddenly I was in business – making real money!

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